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Remember the time you almost kissed your husband’s aunt? Lisa does.

Lisa has it all. A hard-working husband, two wonderful children, a comfortable home. That is, until she meets smart, sexy journalist Cath at a party. The problem? Cath is her husband’s aunt. As Lisa and Cath grow closer and lives become entangled, Lisa needs to work out if this is worth breaking the pattern for - or risk messing up her perfect life for nothing.

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"An extremely fun and sexy read"

"It offered an honest look at the confusion of figuring out your sexuality as well as the experience of real attraction for the first time. Very well-written and compelling."

"Lisa is so thirsty, I love it!"

"I tore through this book in a few hours, staying up till 3:30 in the morning (worth it)."

Keep It In The Family: Text
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